We hold consultations in English. Our consultants are assisted with an English specialist.

Patryk Piotr Smęda

A tax adviser (registration number 12110), a lawyer, the owner of the training company TAURUS TAX, a graduate of PhD studies in the Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Silesia in Katowice. Finished postgraduate studies in tax law, customs law, administrative execution and human resources management. Completed seminar “Succession management of a natural person’s enterprise”. Prior to the entry in the list of tax advisers, a long-term employee of the Chamber of Tax, and then the Chamber of Tax Administration in Katowice where he managed organizational units responsible for supervising value added tax (VAT) assessment. In the years 2012-2018 an internal trainer in the Vocational Education Center of the Ministry of Finance, and then in the National School of Revenue Administration. Passed the state exams for an inspector of fiscal control and an appointed civil servant. For more than ten years a professional trainer in tax law cooperating with leading training companies in Poland as well as training units of the National Chamber of Tax Advisers and the National Chamber of Attorney-at-law. An author of numerous tax books’ publications, including articles published in the professional quarterly journal “Tax adviser”. 

Aldona Stochmal

Customs agent (number 17887). The CEO of OCLIJ SIĘ customs agency. Graduated from University of Silesia where she obtained an A.M. degree. Completed postgraduate studies in the field of customs law at the University of Security in Poznań. Worked for an international corporation in the area of energy products turnover in the largest European harbour (Rotterdam, NL). Specializes in providing services for English-speaking entities. Assists in English consultations. Holds methodological qualifications in preparation and conducting individual and group training courses.

Adrian Stochmal

A customs agent (registration numer 017886), an economist, a manager, the owner of the IPSO FACTO accounting office, a partner in OCLIJ SIĘ customs agency, a member of the Estonian Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Payers Association, a management board member of an energy sector company, a lecturer in customs law subjects at the University of Security in Poznań. A participant in the project conducted by the Polish Ministry of Finance: „A dialogue with business” in the context of Estonian CIT – the stage of lump-sum on registered income implementation and consultation. Graduated from University of Economics in Katowice in the field of finance and accounting. Completed postgraduate studies in the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Łódź in the subject of tax law. Finished postgraduate studies in the area of customs law at the University of Security in Poznań. The author of blog entries on www.oclijsie.pl and www.porozmawiajmyopodatkach.pl. A trainer in the scope of tax law with particular focus on income tax. 

Marek Strządała

A tax advisor (registration number 14089), graduated from University of Economics in Katowice in the field of finance and accounting with specialization in accounting and taxes. A long-term employee of an accounting office as a full accounting coordinator. Has professional competences and qualifications to conduct withholding tax procedures. Specializes in corporate income tax and goods and services tax. Possesses practical knowledge in the field of the Accounting Act due to many years of experience in settlement of commercial law companies. A founding member of the Association of Estonian CIT Taxpayers (SPEC).

Dominika Cukier

A tax adviser (registration number 14107), a graduate in Finance and Accounting. Started her career path in taxes at one of larger accounting offices in Lower Silesian voivodeship. Since the beginning of her professional work engaged in full accounting department where she performed the function of the department leader. Currently, the owner of an accounting office which main business area is service of limited liability companies. Her field of interest includes a corporate income tax, a value added tax and accounting-related issues.